Stylist On Set Recap: Behind The Seams

in this exclusive behind the “seams” look at the series, you guys get to see me try on a hot pink D-cup bra in Burke, fail at hoola hooping in Roanoke, even break a rental car’s bumper … oops.

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Stylist On Set #6: Tom Gets Back In The Dating Game

Tom is a single dad who is desperate to find his fashion voice in the final installment of Stylist On Set. thanks to his adorable teenage daughter Alyssa, i head to Spring Hill, Florida to help  Tom find a more presentable, age-appropriate look—perfect to wear for his new dating profile pic. watch to see if Alyssa loved it or hated it.



watch all #SOS episodes and bonus clips here. this is the last episode, but the fashion doesn’t stop there! find me on We Heart It for my daily fashion musings.

Next On Stylist On Set: Teen Calls Out An SOS For Her Single Dad

fathers–many are lost causes in the world of fashion. but for single dad Tom, a styling session was much needed. in the last episode of my Stylist On Set web series, Tom’s daughter Alyssa reaches out to me for help giving her father a style transformation and confidence boost.

watch the episode as we give Dad a tailored look that’s sure to impress the honeys.



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#ThinkLikeJWu: How To Pick A Swimsuit

ahh … summer. what we’ve all been waiting working out for. here, i show you what swimsuit best compliments your body type and what styles to avoid. so it’s imperative that you watch.



and don’t even think about missing the final episode of Stylist On Set, my awesome web series, on Wednesday, June 11. recap the entire series Wednesday, June 25 as I highlight my favorite moments.

Stylist On Set #5: Breaking Transgender Stereotypes With Racquelle

sexy doesn’t mean revealing you everything you got. the truth is, leaving it to the imagination will leave a much more lasting impression. for this week’s episode of Stylist On Set, i travel to Detroit and meet a transgender woman struggling to define what “sexy” is.

Racquelle makes up for the assets she lacks by wearing provocative, ultra-feminine clothing.  as a transgender advocate for her community, she hopes to find her fashion voice that is respectable, but still sexy.

watch the episode to find out if she was willing to throw out the fishnets and lace bras for more conservative attire.

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Next On ‘Stylist On Set’: Do-Gooder Gets Serious Remodel

i’ve met several amazing people while on the road for Stylist On Set. but this week i meet Raquelle, a very special transgendered woman, who puts all of her efforts into helping LBGT youth in her community. although she means business, her wardrobe is holding her back from being taken seriously.

watch the episode as Racquelle ditches the tight dresses and fishnets for a subtle, but still sexy look.

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